Saturday, January 9, 2010

first week of pwnage

siwon has a moustache, your argument is invalid.

first week of school over and done with.
i won't lie and say it totally tired me out but it was stressful.
the fact that i'm in form 5 and spm is just 300+ days away is gnawing at my brain right now.
i have my add maths books in front of me while i'm typing this and spamming tumblr with aznpurdyboiz.
i have another load of homework waiting to be done in my room as well as my wall of awesome which i have abandoned for about a week.

hectic schedules start next week and i'm still sick.
my body has yet to recognize my old sleeping patterns which irritates the hell out of me because i end up with my eyes half closed during the second half of school.

oh, looks like i DON'T have to stay back everyday.
just every tuesday, wednesday and friday.
which is still the majority of the week, but it's better than it being everyday, noh?

had my first breakdown of 2010 yesterday, fml.
yes, that is how stressful form 5 is.

p/s: expect more posts like this :)