Friday, January 22, 2010

learning not to care

aspiring med students?
no, we're just a bunch of camwhoring teenagers.

starting off the week with a bang.
just got back from imu's open day and it was soooo fun :D
well, it was only fun because we kinda ogled over a 2nd-year dentistry student HAHA
who was extremely cute.
and i found him on facebook. i am such a stalker :/


it's still sunday but now my life is completely over.
i might not be going for SS2.
now, i shall go shrivel up and die.


tis tuesday and the whole awesomeness of the week just went down the drain ==
how stupid can people actually get? :/
i hope you hit your head. then maybe (somehow) a brain will miraculously grow.
woohoo, medical miracle/mystery?
and we found out today we have to stay back till 1.50pm every thursday.


i actually typed something here.
a mini rant. but apparently, freedom of speech on the internet is no longer possible without getting kicked in the ass some way or another.
stupid facebook drama that happened in school, ugh.
i thought today was a good day.
but i spoke too soon.
and i thought 2010 was going to be awesome.
spoke too soon again.
but then again, it is only the third week. it can get better.


ILTS or SS2 & C3?!
i hate making decisions like these because i want to go for both.
it's the end of the week.
wasn't a bad week but it wasn't good either.
lack of sleep, i hate it. stupid sleeping cycles ==

trying not to care has got to be the hardest thing a person ever has to do.

Horrible things do happen. Happiness in the face of all that? That's not the goal. Feeling the horrible and knowing you're not going to die from those feelings, that's the point.
- Dr.Wyatt, Grey's Anatomy