Tuesday, January 12, 2010

internet = dangerous

because this cannot wait till my weekly updates on saturday (more on that in the post on saturday)
i will not mention any names here, it's just my thoughts on the subject.

the internet is a dangerous place, noh?
one single thing said wrong could lead to a whole bunch of other things.
yes, we do have freedom of speech but we have to know our boundaries.
the internet + somewhat freedom of speech has thrown my school into a kind of frenzy about a post that just happened to be on facebook.
obviously, i think the person who wrote the the comment is a total idiot (but he's still my friend so i still love him) but yeah, idiot through and through.

we tried defending ourselves by saying we had the freedom of speech but then a teacher pointed out the actual meaning of freedom of speech and all of us shut up.
we've been chastised by a few teachers already, we might even get more but that could be just an assumption.

because of all of this, my thoughts have totally changed about my school.
not just the student body, but everything about it.
so many changes (no, i'm not blaming anyone) that most of us don't like.
i repeat, i am not blaming anyone and i have no intention of hurting anyone's feelings.
everything is just totally messed up right now.
and now, we're all limiting ourselves to what we want to say.
life's a bitch :/