Friday, January 29, 2010

karma's a bitch

because i miss being this care-free.

left more than half of my add maths paper blank and wrote nonsense for moral LOL
and now, i feel like someone punched me in the eye.
there's a like a bruise kinda pain whenever i blink hard or touch my eyelid :/
and pimple on the forehead, ew.
and chemistry file in front of me, double ew.
and i need to stay back the rest of the week *gags*
p/s: karma's a bitch only if you are. but maybe you don't even know what karma means *snorts*


officially be hatin' on tuesdays.
timetable is crappy. the only two lessons worth going to school for is english and chemistry.
and i have to stay back an extra hour for chemistry which ruins it .
so yeah, officially hating tuesdays from now on.
another load of homework to complete and everything is due on friday.
what is it with homework being needed to be handed in on fridays?
that sentence did not make sense, lack of sleep getting to my head.


thursday night. 11.46pm. drowning in homework.
chemistry, rumusan, add maths and history. all due tomorrow, fml.
and i have absolutely no mood to do it because i was just talking to meganbb about cheer and god, i miss it.
i feel like crying when i see you guys practice, okay?
and what you guys are doing, it hurts. but you most probably don't care because i'm such a bitch right?
cheer is/was my life. and i would do anything to be able to do it, right now.
but i have to wait till the end of the year. it's killing me.
having to put it on hold for a year, it's torturous murder.
say what you want, it's taking too much energy to care anymore.


1.08am, finally done with most of my homework.
i'm hungry.


i am sick and tired of you two acting like you're my friends.
seriously, if you don't like something i do, tell me. don't talk about it behind my back.
i'm the way i am and i am not changing for anyone.
people like me for who i am, if they don't, they can go screw themselves.
i know you don't like how i have mood swings or rages or how i have a really bad control over my temper.
this whole "i'm holier than thou" act is getting old.

on another note, it's friday.
a 3 day weekend.


i just realised how much of a mess my life is in school LOL