Monday, March 24, 2008

Charm Cheerleading Championship


So yeah, I went to support Dstarz! (:
Well, I went cos of Megan and Alia but yeah, I support them too. LOL

Reached Cineleisure around 930 and took me 10 minutes to find the right toilet they were in.
Met up with Alia for like 5 friggin minutes only cos her dad made her go for F1.

After they finished with their make up, hair etc. we went back to Cineleisure and lepaked there for awhile.
Then, we went to EAT!
At some place called "Apartment" (Interior design was like an apartment)
And one bottle of coke is like RM7.50!

Mag & Ain camwhoring.

Lydz & Meg. <3

Trying to decide what to eat.
God knows why I was smiling :/

My floating lemon thing Mel spotted.

I'm not really sure what happened after that.
I think basically, us (the supporters) were just following whoever in the team we were with all over Cineleisure and The Street.

Giant chess board!
Ain's holding Megan's boyfriend LOL

The whole thing started around 2PM.

The background.

Charm All Stars!

Coogers obscene moment.

Sri KDU's Stunners.


Sorry for the blurry pictures.
I was like taking pictures with one hand and recording with Megan's camera with the other hand.
After Dstarz performance, didn't really watched.
Just lepaked around with Megan, Mag and Mel.

Mag jadi babysitter!

Watched for awhile after that.

Minimytez (Junior team to Dynamitez)

Vulcanz Senior team.

I stole Mag's ribbon so I was walking around with it in my hair the whole day.


Around 5, went to Ikano for "lunch".
But I didn't feel like eating so I ditched them to go hang out with Carmen and Joey.
Then, Megan didn't call me to tell me the results were coming out so I was at Ikano when they announced!
Then, my parents didn't let me know they were coming so I couldn't even hug Megan goodbye ):

Went to One Utama after that.
Shopped and at dinner.

I bought two pairs of ankle socks and one pair of quarter socks.
And two guy boxers! I find them comfortable xD

Pictures from Mag's blog:
Mirror image!
Mel, Lydz, Meg and Mag.
Top to bottom: Pimp mama, scary emo person, and two hyperactive bimbos!

Dstarz got second runner up!

Dstarz full practice side view.
Its only practice so they didn't do the cartwheels.

Actual performance.