Thursday, March 20, 2008

Obsession of Twilight, again.

Its been so long since I blogged!
Starting off with a picture you guys might actually be tired of cos I keep re-editing it into different styles.
But, its my best emo picture, so yeah xD

La Tua Cantante; his blood sings for me.

Quote taken from New Moon but in the book its her, not his (:

Anyway, I've really got nothing much to blog about.
The exams are finally over and it sucked like hell.
Just three more papers from the government and we're done!

Now, what been going on.
Mummy's new phone.
Her other phone somehow got wet and wouldn't work anymore.

I got my contacts!
Its kinda irritating at first and if I wear them for too long, they fry my eyeballs.
And my power went up. From 250 (both eyes) to 275, left eye and 325, right eye.

Books I ordered.
I've finished reading "Uglies" and just finished reading "New Moon".
Currently at page 130+ in "Eclipse".
Obsession overload for Twilight has started again thanks to the movie being made and all the pictures and videos from the making of it.

My EDUBOX certificate.


The making of the movie.
Scene from the crash scene in Twilight.
I have no idea why Robert (Edward) is getting away from the scene when they start filming.
Some say its because of the angle they have to shoot and that he'll be in later and others say its because he was supposed to save Kristen (Bella) and then sneak away before anyone remembers he was there.
Second option isn't according to the book and if that's what the idea is, NO HOSPITAL SCENE ASDF!
But, there have been rumours that the crash scene won't be exactly following the book.
And Breaking Dawn (fourth book in the series) will be coming out in August.
*jumps around like crazy maniac*
Obsession overload, geeez.
Please bear with me (:

p/s: Ee Xin, I gave you wrong info on your cbox. SORRY! I think it was Mike that yelled "BELLA!", not Robert. Robert is the one that jumps off Bella's car before everyone crowds in.

Leaving you with a random and candid shot of me!