Wednesday, March 26, 2008

If lalas wore baju kurungs

Insane and insecure.

Short post for today.
My cousin and her daughter came down from England for three weeks :D
Having a sleepover at Kate's place this Friday cos of that.
And therefore, missing school on Saturday! Mwahahaha
Oh, and i have to get up ant friggin 530AM on Sunday cos I have to go to the cemetery.
If Carmen and Rianne aren't going, neither am I.

Cousin gave me this and I kinda bedazzled the back of my phone with one of the little hearts (beside the silver "Lydia") and the other gems Terence gave me last time.

IU day is this Friday. Can't wait!
Around 40 Africans are coming to our school and Rui Yang too!
Remember him? The hot Swiss dude :D

So, Amanda is making us wear traditional clothes on that day.
I borrowed my friend's baju kurung, and obviously I camwhored with it.

As Alia says,
if lalas wore baju kurungs!