Saturday, March 8, 2008

Heather @ McD's

Blogging early today cos might be going out later tonight.
So, today went to McD's at 9AM with Kate-Lyn, Rachel, Michx and Kar Lei to meet up with..

Yeahp, she's back from Sibu for the holidays and will be going back on the 17th.

The back of Ronald McDonald.
Anyone who reads
If you do, don't you think typicalben's new hair style looks like Ronald's hair?! xD

I love her shirt!

Kate's attempt at being lala.

She wasn't posing for me, she was posing for Michx's camera.

The dynamic duo.

I swear that this is candid, and we did not pose.
We were reading a message someone sent to Kar Lei.

I look drunk.


Don't ask me why, but I love that pose!

I can assure you, we are NOT lesbians.
We're just crazy people.

I squished her.

She squished me.

I can't believe I still have my eyebags.

This little girl was playing peekaboo with us.
Damn adorable.
She's bend and hide behind the wall then she'd jump up.

Mismatched shoes.

Picture of the day:

I couldn't resist xD

Here are the videos!

The F1's performance during the fund-raising dinner.

Kate imitating Alvin and the Chipmunks @ McD's earlier.