Friday, March 21, 2008

Robert Pattinson <3

Smart in a stupid way.

Whoo, nothing much today.
Last of the government exams. Science Paper One&Two.
I've got school tomorrow (RAWR!) and Mummy won't let me ditch ):
At least Kate's going, cos if she's not I'd slaughter her alive.

Sooo, had a very interesting Interact meeting today.
Well, not meeting exactly. A seminar. About breast cancer.
Before it began, was having loads of fun laughing around with the seniors.
Especially when we read Wai Hong's messages *cough*
Ka Shing got a breast doctor specialist person from Pantai Hospital to come and give a talk to us.
And also, a breast cancer survivor, Ka Shing's mum.
It was really educational lah, and when Ka Shing's mum was talking, it was really emotional.
I salute her for being so strong :D
GO KA SHING'S MUM! (I forgot her name)

The seminar was supposed to finish at 330PM, but finished at 4PM instead.
Michx & me had to walk back home from school.
And guess what, it started raining.
So I got soaked.

Its fun to walk in the rain (:


(Ee Xin, you're gonna love this)

I was browsing through Deviantart earlier to find some pictures on Twilight.
And I got behind the scenes pictures!

Robert and Kristen.

You can see Kellan (Emmett) and Jackson (Jasper) here as well.
The last two pictures at the bottom. First one you can see Ashley (Alice), the girl with the short hair back facing toward the camera and Mike Welch (playing Mike Newton) in front of Bella's truck in a brown jacket.

ROBBY! Hee (:
I know I didn't like him at first. But somehow seeing the pictures and videos, I've grown to love him and I can totally visualize him as Edward.
This picture, you can see Kristen as well as Kellan and I think you can see Nikki (Rosalie) in the bottom right picture, the blonde girl down there.
No, she's not a natural blonde. They dyed her hair for the show so no bimbo (:

I did not edit this yeah.
Love this picture.

You have to click to enlarge this one.

And now, to leave you with a really nice adorable picture.


Some trailer videos made by fans.
Its not following the official cast, but I think they rock lah.
Just watch them and don't complain (:

Watch it and you'll know who's playing who.

This one is not the movie trailer.
Its an Eclipse trailer, and it rocks to the max!

Once again, I remind you people that this are not the actual trailers.
They are just made by fans and posted on Youtube.
They were all made last year, so no one knew there would even be a movie and therefore they picked who they thought best to play the roles.
Not hate please (: