Friday, March 14, 2008

Not a good combination.

Just a short, no picture post just to update my readers (which I don't think I have a lot) on what's been going on.
Rambling starts.. NOW!

I can't read anyone's blogs, damn it.

So yeah, right now, I'm like happy AND angry at myself at the same time.
Don't ask me how, I just am.
Happy cos, I just started a new story on based on Twilight! (Ee Xin, YOU BETTER READ)
Non-readers of Twilight can check it out, but you might not be able to understand the whole story.
Here's the link : Never looking back
I still haven't told you why I'm happy, right? LOL!
Well, I got 4 reviews and all of them good. And and, two people added my to their story alert list and another two added me to their favorite story list! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY XD
p/s: That's the name of the story.

Now, for the angry part.
Today, went for cheer practice.
So we were practicing our stunts lah.
We don't really know how to do cradles, so the flyer (FLIER?! sp?) squats and we lower her down.
I'm the spotter lah okeh, so obviously I'm supposed to balance her.
Half way down, my flyer lost balance and fell backwards.
I caught her under her arms, bases and front spotter caught her feet and she hit the floor on her back and butt really hard.
She couldn't really walk after that.
What's worse is, before we were doing that, she had some stomach pains and we made it worse.

Okeh, rambling over.