Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Times Square

10 hours of sleep and still exhausted.
There's something wrong with me.
My muscles are all aching from practice on Monday, and I don't even know why.
RAWR, cheer practice tomorrow and Friday, again.
God save me.

So anyway, I got the other pictures from Michx when we were at McD's.

They look like they're in heaven. *touchwood*
It was actually someone fingerprint on the lens.
Notice all of them are wearing white?

Anti-white people. xD
With a banana pie.


Yesterday had an outing.
Went to Times Square with Michx, Marcus, Charmaine, Alia & Joseph!
Around 10AM, went to the Sri Petaling LRT station and ended up waiting 40 minutes for Marcus to come.
And, Joseph was supposed to meet us there as well.
But he ended up at Bukit Jalil station --

At the monorail station to Times Square.
Public transport rocks. LOL

Reached Times Square and headed up to McD to meet up with Charmaine, Alia and Joseph.
Went to Cosmo's after that.
I got a serious headache after a ride on a DNA Mixer.
Screaming my ass off like there's no tomorrow.

Charmaine and Alia. (NOT Alia Astaman, another Alia as you can see)
Don't they look alike?
The best part is, both of them have accents : /

We saw this overly adorable baby while we were just sitting around the kiddy place.
His mum was taking pictures of him and he was laughing and putting his hand into his mouth and all that jazz.
His name is Jonathan, I think.

Michx & I.

Lydz, Michx and Joseph.

After Cosmo's, went to Borders and was there for about an hour.
Couldn't find the second book of Vampire Diaries but I found another book on vampires; VAMPIRE ACADEMY! But damn expensive!
Someone buy for me? ):
Got hungry and went to Oldtown Kopitiam <3
Well, Charz and Alia went back at 330PM. Suckers *cough cough* Sorry, had a tickle in my throat.

Went back by monorail and LRT as well.
The journey back was the highlight of the day.
Michx and me obviously didn't know we had to interchange trains at Chan Sow Lin station.
So when Joseph got off, we were like "What the hell lah?"
Then, I realized we were going towards Ampang and an aunty standing next to us confirmed that.
So we got off at Maluri and took the train back to Chan Sow Lin.
And me, being the dumb blonde, read the sign wrongly and we ended up taking the same train back to Ampang instead of the train to Sri Petaling.
We were laughing so much until I had to pee >:/

p/s: Good luck to all SPM candidates from 07! Results coming out today!


On the DNA Mixer.
Anybody who has sat on it, or seen it in action would know what its like.
I've sat on it god knows how many times before and this is the only time I ended up with a damn migraine.
Last night, I almost puked.
Spot me (: