Friday, April 4, 2008

Board of Directors' 08-09

Hello readers!
So, I decided to blog but I've got hardly anything to blog about so I'm gonna blog about yesterday's Interact meeting!

Well, yesterday's Interact meeting was basically to introduce the new Board of Directors' for the club.

Amanda giving her last speech as an IU Director.
She seriously rocked the post.

And in his own words, basking in the glory before resigning LOL

All BOD's are same except for two people.
One naik pangkat, the other same position.

L-R: Jonathan (Vice President), Rabindran (Community Service Director), Marcus (Sergeant-at-arms), Esther (Bulletin Board Director) BEHIND ESTHER, Karr-Man (Club Service Director), Deborah (Funding Director), Ho Li Chin (Vice Secretary), Aruselvi (Secretary), Michelle Lok (President), Cing-Cing (Treasurer), Michelle (IU Director), Melvin (Sergeant-at-arms).
Chun Yew is missing. He's the other Club Service Director alongside Karr-Man.

Oh, we also had a visitor from Australia.
He's a Rotracter there (:

Kai Hao! (sp?)
He's actually from KL, an ex-Interactor from Sri Sentosa and he's currently studying there so that explains why he's a Rotracter from Australia (:
I love his accent as well!

Interactors listening to Kai Hao talking about Australia.

He brought us goodies!
Crocodile and kangaroo meat.

Send Kitt & crocodile meat.

Bill & kangaroo meat.

Congrats to the new BOD!

My work here is done (:

More pictures up soon (I hope) cos I'm going for a jogathon tomorrow (Interact. LOL, Interact's like my new boyfriend!) which is like for charity and also after that helping Madam Heratini out in school for Anugerah Cemerlang/PIBG meeting.