Sunday, April 20, 2008

Random topics popping

Fill up that space in my heart.

Yoohoo, so I was bored and I decided to blog.
I'm like half emo right now, and MeganAlia are nowhere to be friggin seen.
The weird thing about blogging today, as I was editing pictures and looking for links, more ideas for me to blog about just pop into my mind. RAWR

Went to Mid yesterday with the family.
And I ALMOST met up with these two uncles.


& Wye Mun.
(Obviously I stole this picture from Michx's blog cos there was no other picture of him unless you want to see his ass. Sorry Michx)

Anyway, they were there with Michelle and I was supposed to follow her but my mum didn't really approve so I didn't go.
By the time I reached Mid, they were already in the cinema.
Then they were in Jusco Supermarket when I was upstairs at Jusco household departmant.
And when I went down to the supermarket, they already left -______________-"

Yeah, let's get back to whatever.
Had dinner at a place called "Nyonya Colours" in Gardens.
Was SUPPOSED to eat at Italinnies but noo, we ate nyonya food.
And the food there isn't good, so don't eat there!

But on the plus side, they're deco was really nice. Especially their chairs!

Look at the chairs.

WhadItellya? :D

Bought the first Bring It On movie.

And the sequel to one of the books I have.

Now, this is where all the ideas started popping up.
Fans of Gossip Girl.

The show will start showing on 8TV, 23rd April at 11PM.

Isn't Chace Crawford hot?!
He plays Nate Archibald in GG.

He also played the extremely innocent looking (and cute) Tyler Simms in The Covenant.

Was browsing through Friendster yesterday and found this picture.

Latisha, Keshia, Lydz, Kate, Kelsey and Michelle.

This was taken at Nana's birthday party a few months back.

Last topic of the day is a late birthday wish.


Hee (: