Saturday, April 5, 2008

Busy day

Edited by Michx (:

Blog time!
Wanna see what happened to my leg?

LOL! Its not a scar.
I was sitting on the chair and I guess my leg as there for too long until the line also can come out.

Now, that's just wrong.

Down to more important things.
Had an extremely busy day today.

Michx stayed over last night cos we were going for the jogathon together.
And it was extremely fun except the fact that I had to wake up at 630AM and get sweaty + muddy.
Reached the place around 730AM after picking up Rachel.
Anyway, the main point of the jogathon was for the autistic children from SLNC Bukit Nenas.
We helped them through the trail mostly.

Doing aerobics before starting.

Participants walking towards the starting point.

This is where we were running.
Hutan pendidikan Bukit Gasing.

It took me around one hour to finish the whole trail.
Rachel and Michelle ditched me halfway. Idiots.
They ditched me cos I let other people go down the hill first cos I knew I'd go down slow cos of the friggin shoes I was wearing so I ended up walking/jogging/running with Ka-Shing, Mrs Francis son and her maid.

After the run.
Everyone mingling and eating.

What happened to Michx's shoe.

And it came off eventually.

Prize-giving ceremony.

Whole thing ended around 1030AM.
Went to La Salle to wait for my bro to come pick us up.
Rachel got bored and she tried to steal a car.

With a stick.

Anyway, I saw Kee Jun, but I don't think he recognizes me.

Dirty and sweaty.

That's what happened to my pants.
It was the most brilliant idea to wear white pants.

After bathing fell asleep, then had lunch.
Around 2PM+ went to school to help Madam Heratini with Anugerah Cemerlang.
The first hour was basically a waste cos we had nothing to do.

Jeremy and Michx's sunglasses.

After the students got their prizes, we started working.

That's basically what we were doing lah.
Giving them their certificates and the Dominoes goodies.

Around 5PM, parents and bro came pick me up to go to the cemetery (again, but mum's side) to clean up for tomorrow.

Clean clean clean.
And after awhile, it started raining and I went under the tent cos it is so not the week to get sick.
Pei Yi would literally snap me in half.

Went to Petaling Street after that to buy flowers for tomorrow.

Anyone care to buy for me?

Purdy flowers Daddy bought for the house.

Sunset on the way back.

Work here is done.