Monday, April 14, 2008

Sports Day and ILTS

Hello people!
In ze very very the good moodz today.
Yesterday waz like very ze lucky dayz for a lotz of peoplez.
LOL, told you I was in a good mood.

So anyway, Sports Day was yesterday.
Saturday stayed over at Amanda's place cos my parents didn't want to send me anywhere at 4AM.
Went over to Kar Mern's (co-captain) at 4AM.
Did our hair etc etc.
Left for school at 6AM, bus came and took us to Cheras stadium at 615AM.
Had the usual marching, events and all that shizz lah.
Cheer was around 11AM.
I'll try to get pictures and the video as soon as I find them.

Red house won overall.
Green house won for marching. (Inter-house)
Scouts won for marching. (Unit beruniform)


When the teacher announced she was like "Pemenang kumpulan sorak ialah *pause* RUMAH *longer pause* KUNING!"
And then the whole squad started jumping around (we were on the field marching line) screaming and even CRYING while green house *cough* gave us cock stares! They were right next to us.

Anyway, the only picture I got from Sports Day while we were still at the stadium was this.

My dear friend Karr Man. LOL
She was damn high cos green house won for marching.

After that, had to rush off to Pudu Girl School for ILTS (Interact Leadership Training Seminar).
We got lucky, AGAIN.
Sri Sentosa won three awards.
Best Community Service, Best International Understanding and Most Innovative.
And we were the most semangat-ed people there.
After the Rotarian announced who won the award we would do tepuk-tepuk komander.
Basically cos Adrian was a little hyper as he was the commander for green house marching.

Sentosarians, Pudu Girl School and Rotarians.


Karr Man and me.

Took the LRT back.
Our two gays of Interact. LOL

Bill pole dancing.
There was a lady who was in the same carriage as us with her CHILDREN there as well.
And she was laughing damn a lot with us.

Amanda and me.
Yes, that's the whole uniform for yellow house.
Only part that sucks is our shirt :/

An attempt at recreating the train scene from PCD's "Wait a minute."

After I got back home, I HAD to camwhore.

Sunburnt, dirty and tired.

Typical cheerleader pose.

Mirror image.

Our full practice.
Can hear Bibian instructing us from the background and talking to the ex co-captain.
Funniest part was "DO NOT CHICKEN RUN!"
Sorry for poor quality.
And couldn't get the whole squad into the video.

p/s: After I got back home, bathed etc. I fell asleep at 5PM and woke up this morning at 9AM