Saturday, April 26, 2008

Installation Day

Finally blogger let me upload my pictures.
Starting off with a few birthday wishes.

22nd April

23rd April
Jen Ai

24th April
Wye Mun

25th April


Pictures from preparation for Installation Day.
Credits to Michx.

I know I'm a lazy bum, but I helped out after that (:

Everyone being busy.

Working on the board.

Doing up the curtains.

Installation Day.

The backdrop.

Working on the PA system.

Emcees working on their "speech"

Our dear Marcus getting all dressed up.

Emcees for the day. Bill and Michelle Tang.


Rotarian Arvin giving a speech.

Rotarian Leong giving a speech.
She's also the Rotarian advisor for our school.

Ka-Shing giving his last speech as president and also making some amendments LOL

Michelle Lok giving her speech as the new president.

Incoming and outgoing Club Service Directors.

Our incoming AND outgoing vice president, Jonathan.

Ex and new president.

We also had cake!

New BOD with Rotarians, Pn. Chung and Pn. Goh.

Ming Kit!

Picture of the day:

Rachel terrifying a little boy *cough*