Saturday, April 12, 2008

Practice, birthdays and lala-ness

Bloggeth update time.
Shall not be blogging tomorrow, I think.
Cos its like Sports Day then I have to go for ILTS as well.

Had our last cheer practice today.
God, I can't believe three months passed by just like that.
Anyway, group picture!

Shot one.
Missing: Captain, co-captains.

Shot two.
Missing: Co-captain number 2.

Shot 3.
The line is the last part of our cheer :D

Top row (L-R): Shin Jit, Aruselvi, Kah Mun, Amanda Yong, Amanda Saw, Pui Kei and Shu Ting.
Second row: Chooi Yen, Lydia, Pei Hui, Ee Lynn, Choi Ying and Kian Yee.
Third row: Melissa, Pei Jin, Per Li, Sin Yee, Wai Juin, Poh Yi and Wen Yen.
Fourth row: Bibian (Co-captain), Pei Yi (captain) and Kar Mern (co-captain)

Sorry for the wrong spelling if there is :/

I noticed I am very behind on everyone's birthdays.
So here are some birthday wishes which I haven't done yet.

Amanda Leong.

Heather Chan.

Cheryl Lai.

A very unflattering shot, I know xD

Chan Jo Lynn.

Choo Qui Nee.


For the finale..