Saturday, April 19, 2008

Of tuition and camwhores

One week of not updating.
And I'm back only for a really short post with five pictures.

Nothing much has been going on lately lah.
Except that I miss cheer!
It hasn't even been a week of no practices and all that crap.
And to think that I was complaining like some whiny brat when I HAD practices.
Ngeee ):

Pictures from tuition:

We had break in between so we started eating some potato chips to get fat. LOL
When Kate passed her packet to Aassyaffa (Yes, that IS her name. xD), it dropped and scattered on the floor.

So they had to clean it up!

And after they cleaned it up, I think they went a little nuts.

Cos they started playing some clapping game UNDER the table.

Doesn't tuition rock?

Oh, and I finally camwhored after so long. :D

Sue me (: