Sunday, November 9, 2008


LALALALALA *dances around like crazy donkey*
Don't ask me why donkey, I just like donkey.
No, I don't like donkeys as donkeys. I just like the word donkey.
Okay, I don't like the word donkey, I just felt like putting it there :P
LOL, can you tell I iz being the manyak manyak hyper right now?
I think it was the tea I drank, maybe it was all the sugar I've been consuming the past few days.
But whatever, being high is good. Makes you lose weight HAHAHAHA

Sooo, I've got nothing better to do right now so I iz berlogging.
But I have nothing to berlogging about.
Oh oh, I've started work.
For a week LOL! Resizing pictures, uploading to website, copy and paste info.
Teehee, I iz going to be rich then I can buy Brisingr :O

Oh jah, the pictures I'm resizing are like baby product thinggies.
Uhm, like toys and playmats and all that shizz.
And one brand I did was K's Kids! :O PATRICK! (Patrick the dog, not Patrick Star)
Got so many cute Patrick stuff.
Come I show you! :D (God, I must be driving you people crazy by now LOL)

Someone buy for me, please? :D
I've been a good girl this year *cough*
Well, I think I have been a good girl LOL
Okay okay, I cheated on my strength work WHO DOESN'T?! LOL

Lydia shaddap -.-
I think I better go now. BAI!

pps: Michx is gonna cut my fringe for me. LOL its damn annoying now cos got lubang so she iz going to make it thicker like how hers was :D