Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tagged by Meg

Since I am so extremely bored right now, I'll do Megan's tags.
Yes, tagS. PLURAL LOL And a bug just flew off my keyboard O.O"

1) Do you think you're hot?
Do I look like I'm a self-centred ass?

2) Upload your favourite picture of you.

3) Why do you like that picture?
Because my hair is decent, I don't look like an idiot doing fishy face and cos I'm in the toilet camwhoring LOL

4) When was the last time you ate PIZZA?
I have no idea o.O

5) The last song you listen to.
T-shirt by Shontelle Layne (Listening to it now, not last song I listened to cos I can't remember the song before this LULZ)

6) What are you doing right now besides this?
Blinking LOL

7) What name could you prefer besides yours?

ppl to tag
1. Alia (double :P)
5.Whoever wants to do this -.-

8) Who is number 1?
Muh Hippo buddy :D

9) Number 3 is having a relation ship with?
No one *cough*

10) Say something about number 5?

11) How about number 4?

12) Who is number 2?
My bum LOL

- Fill the people in below!
- Answer the questions truthfully

[1] ain cos I'm talking to her now
[2] michelle cos I was talking to her
[3] natasha cos she just signed in
[4] alia just cos I felt like it
[5] chris cos I was talking to him the whole day LOL

1. Have you ever danced with number 3?
Yes, I think so. At Cheryl's party. Along with Christine, doing the chicken dance HAHA

2. Where did you meet number 5?
Through SMS, through Megan

3. Have you ever gotten drunk with number 4?
I can't drink. But maybe getting high online LOL

5. Have you seen number 2 naked?
Semi-naked? LOL

7. Have you ever seen 5 in a swimsuit?
Noh o.O

6. Do you like number 1?

8. Have you ever met 4s Family?
I've seen her mama

9. Do you know 2s middle name?
She doesn't have a middle name :/

10. Have you ever eaten anything in front of 3

11. Do you trust number 5?
Uh huh

13. Have you ever fought with number 1?
I don't think so

14. When’s the last time you talked to 3 in person
In person? Uhh, last year? HAHAHA

15. Are any of your top 5 family?

17. Have you ever done something dangerous with number 1?
I don't think so LOL

18. Have you ever slept in the same bed with number 5 ?

19. Do you think 1 and 5 would make a good couple?

20. Would 3 do anything for you?

21. Has 2 ever helped you out?
Loads of times

22. Have you ever slept in the same bed as number 4?
Nah uh

23. Which have you known the longest?

24. Who have you known the shortest?

26. Have you had a crush on 1-5?
Maybe *sarcastic smile*

27. Have you ever done anything illegal with number 4?
I don't think so LOL

28. Will 1 - 5 repost this?
Ain and Michelle won't, Natasha and Alia maybe IF THEY READ MY BLOG & Chris haz no bloggeth.