Sunday, November 16, 2008


I did that LOL!
I was bored and I'm still bedazzled about the dream so I did that five minutes ago.
Spur of the moment creativity. Well, not much creativity lah LOL!
But thank God for the Edubox classes or not I wouldn't even know how to do that :D
Oh oh, the font I used is actually the font for Jacob's writing in Eclipse! I swear, I just downloaded it LOL
I know its sucky and the croppings are a little out, but what the hell right? Teehee

On another note, I went for a sale at Metrojaya (Mid) yesterday!

I bought...
A denim mini from UnionBay @ RM19.80.

A t-shirt from Tropicana Life (ORIGINAL I SWEAR) @ RM10
The design is on the back, not the front.

And a t-shirt from Hot Wind @ RM10

ps: I know Taylor Lautner is the real Jacob Black, but I can't picture anyone else as Jacob :/
pps: Twilight in eleven days :DD Solay, obsession overload has returned. Le sigh..