Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shopping @ Subang Parade

Hello people!
Time for a proper update. Another one should be up on Thursday night or Friday.

So, went to Subang Parade with Michx and her aunt today.
She came to pick me up yada yada yada.

Camwhoring in the car.
Awesomeness LOL

Reached there and walked around.
Then we saw Reject Shop :O
So obviously we went in LOL
And naturally we camwhored in the fitting room xD


Went into FOS after that.
Omigod, the printed tees there are AWHSUM.
The quotes all super nice, but we didn't buy cos we bought stuff in Reject Shop LOL

Walked walked walked, bla bla bla (you get the idea)
Headed to KFC for lunch.

Our food.

Lulz, typical blogger.
Takes picture of anything and everything.

After lunch, walked around more (loads of random stuff happened. Coming up later in the post)
Bought more stuff.
Headed home around 4PM.

Michx and her funky pillow.

Sue me :D

Stuff I bought :

Short-sleeved hoodie @ RM 29.90

Printed tee @ RM19

Red fluffy pencilbox/handbag@ RM10
Yellow headband @ RM2.50


Random thing #1:
We wanted to go to Sinma and we walked the wrong way cos the escalator was the opposite side.
And Michx was like "I WANNA KILL YOU ALREADY LAH!" and this old man who was walking by went "CHILL OUT!" in those really cool way.
But he wasn't cool LOL

Random thing #2:
We were in this shop and this guy working there kept staring at me. Seriously, I was looking at some stuff with Michelle and he was looking so I buat bodoh.
Then Michx went and look at something else so I was like facing him so I peeked and he was STARING AT ME!
I told Michx "Eh, the guy damn creepy lah. Keep staring at me"
I went to take something to try on and I was clipping my hair up after that using the mirror near where he was.
Once we were outside the store, Michx said "OMG YEAH LAH! When you went into the fitting room he looking at you, then when you doing your hair also!"
I was like omigod shit. LOL
And he was wearing the England football jersey which I ALMOST wore to go out :S

Random thing #3:
After shopping, we were sitting and talking at some couches lah.
Then this old man walk by us, he turn and look at us then went and stand near the escalator which was a few feet away.
He was pretending to be on the phone and all lah.
When we wanted to leave, he walked in front of us on the escalator and then kept looking back at us while we were going down. Damn creepy.
After we reached the floor, we decided to stay on that one and the old man continued to go down.
While we were walking away, HE KEPT LOOKING AT US!
Bloody perverted bum. Sheesh :/

ps: The Edward Cullen T's are now RM25, custom is the same (: