Friday, February 8, 2008

CNY celebrations

Grooving to; Johanna by Johnny Depp

Warning: Picture loaded post.
Whoo, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

Anyway, shall blog about mine.
On the eve, went to my godparent's place cos of Carmen Wong.
Ended up watching the whole season 2 of Heroes from episode 4 (I watched up to ep.3) for seven hours straight.
We didn't even move from the room.
Had our reunion dinner there as well.

Rianne was desperately trying to teach my how to cartwheel and I'm so scared of falling I didn't even do it.
I know I'm pathetic okeh.

Came back and I decided to try something new with my hair.
Carmen had curled my hair earlier.
I wanted to try it out for myself but in a different way.

Front view.

Back view.

Not bad right? (:
After curling I straightened it out a bit so it became waves.

Then, the day that has been awaited comes!
The first two angpaus (from my parents) were so damn cute!

(Michx, do not give me the year of the dog bullshit)

After breakfast, I decided to curl my hair for CNY instead of the same old hairstyle every year.

Dum dum dum.
Love it!

Wanna see what I was wearing?

I didn't have time to get bottoms so I wore my new jeans.
Hardly worn, yet.

See, no specs :D

Went to Uncle David's house first for lunch.
Had steamboat. Bad decision cos it was such a hot day.
38 friggin degrees celcius okeh.

Lepak and watched tv.
Around 3PM, headed to Ah Yee's house.
Was kinda bored there.
After eating, went to the playground to look after 5 hyperactive children.
Well, Natasha and my bro went earlier, I joined them for like 5 minutes before heading back to the house.

He reminds me of some punk, gansta rapper here cos of the way he's standing xD

And Aunty Joyce's dog is so adorable!

His name is Jason.

Went to my godparent's house for dinner.
And the camwhoring begins.

I can't actually believe he did that.

She's doing the boob pose.

Vanity is not a sin.
Whoever said it was?

Rianne & me.

Trisha! :D


Pictures below: Credits to Carmen.

See me?

Blur, but I love it.

Oh, the vanity.

Supposedly I look cute here, says Carmen :S

Introducing our best friend, Mr.Banana.


She loves my boobs, just like everyone else.

Rianne & me on the bed.

Had loadsa fun but now I'm not feeling well :(

*Oh, look Johanna, a star..