Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stupid printer

Stupid printer yesterday. GRRRR wouldn't let me print out stuff properly. WHICH WAS THE DAMN EMMETT&BELLA STORY! (which is 113 pages long. Editing it now and making it shorter)
So yeah, anyway.
Reason cos I'm tired:
a)Stayed up late to prepare for aural which Pn.Ong didn't even need me to do cos there wasn't anytime.
b)I had cheer practice today and Pei Yi made us tumble, roll, stretch, split and do grand jetes.
c)I am suffering from the lack of sleep
d)My muscles are aching EVERYWHERE cos of practice

Camwhore time.

Ngee, I look weird, don't I?

Valentine's day for couples, [S]ingles [A]wareness [D]ay for singles.
Geddit, SAD? LOL
Quoted by JJ and Rudy, from the morning crew.