Saturday, February 2, 2008

Interact MC

Hullo people!
Bloggy time.

Today went to school for Interact Motivational "Camp".
And we shall start off with a picture of Melvin's butt!

And again..
I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny.

And a close-up!
Haha, this was basically cos his pants were annoying me.

We had our very own Rain.
Mr. Mah Ming Kit.
He was in our commercial for Clear shampoo.
So you get the idea, kan?

Can you imagine Rain, doing that?!

Take a guess (;

Whoo, and then it started.
Ze backdrop.

Our two wonderful MC's.
Well, Melvin was the MC.
Spencer just.. I dunno. LOL

Played some games and some groups kena penalty.
Posting up vids later in the post.

No idea how this happened.

Then, it was time to get ready fro our commercials.

The poor dude got tortured.

He's lost all his dignity.
Yes, he IS wearing a DRESS.

Group picture, everyone in costume.
I'm not there :(

Second group picture, and a lot of people are missing.

Rotarian came to give a talk :D

And every single group won the hamper.

Spot me!

Group penalty #1.
But it wasn't exactly a group thing. LOL

Group penalty #2.
I suck at singing so shaddap la okeh.
You can hear me in the background.

Group penalty #3
The banana dance!

Group commercial #1
Michelle's group.
They were doing a Digi ad.

My group.
It didn't start from the start, so sorry.
Our ad was Clear shampoo.

Group commercial #3.
Watch properly yeah.
Astro on demand ad.

Group commercial #6
Rachel's group.
Ad for Malaysian Idol.

Group commercial #5
Ad for Ipoh Oldtown Coffee.

Group commercial #6
Ad for Cartoon Network.

Woah, picture AND video loaded post.
Anyway, when watching the vids, turn the volume up to listen properly.
Excuse me for my singing.