Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shopping at One Utama

I am blogging kinda early today.
Its currently 4.18PM right now, only.
Going out for dinner later at 5PM.
Might be coming on again tonight but not sure yet.

Anyway, back to topic.
I went to OneU earlier.
Was supposed to go to Amanda Leong's house but tak jadi cos I got no transport back.

Right, 1U!
There was some kinda chocolate exhibition(?) thinggy going on.
And the stage was awesome!

C'mon, big giant (eventho they're fake) chocolates.
Except chocolate haters of course.

Walked around and bought Big Apple donuts.

Mummy already ate one.

Big Apple's Duren Duren donut is so cute.
Obviously, its durian flavor lah.
Its actually made with the thorns!

Chocolate Mousse cake!
Well, I didn't exactly buy this today.
Bought it yesterday at some bakery.
Gosh, I'm gonna get fat.

What else did I buy?
Limegreen and purple!
I wanted to buy the pink one, somehow I was attracted to it.
RM138, buy one free one.
And its plain, no design <3

3 pairs of ear rings from Sinma at RM6.90.

What day wouldn't be complete without a little camwhoring.

I am such a poser, thank you :D