Thursday, January 10, 2008

4 hours of extra sleep

Grooving to; Leaving on a jet plane by Chantal Kreviazuk

Nanana, I finally got to sleep until 10AM today.
Not much compared to Michelle's 3PM.
But at least I didn't have to wake up before 6AM.
I got 4 hours more sleep! Hee ((:

I finally watched the whole show of "She's the man" with my dad this afternoon.
Yes, my DAD.
Well, at least he enjoyed it.
And I'm a sucker for emotional stuff so yeah, I cried at the ending. =X

Came online after lunch.
Then there was thunder and lightning after that so I had to disconnect the Internet connection.
I was so bored, I edited two pictures.

I know I edited this before.
But this time, I tweaked the contrast and played with the colours a lil.

Joey & Carmen.
Adorbale, noh?

*Oh, kiss me and smile for me