Friday, January 18, 2008


Grooving to; Green stuff by Mr Puta

Uhm, yeah.
Not really in the mood for blogging today.
Cos Megan abandoned me for CHEER PRACTICE and Alia isn't online :(

Soo, only pictures.
Of me camwhoring, again.
If you don't wanna see my face, shoo!

Lyrics: You are the music in me by HSM2 cast.

Emo pose :D
I like emo poses.
And no, the quote doesn't mean anything.
Its like.. I dunno.

Lyrics: Lollipop by Mika.



Watch the little girl.
Her name's Ariana Lynn. (And she's only friggin 8)
She is so damn good I feel stupid next to her.
Her trainer rocks as well.
Credits to Megan.

This is Ysabelle.
Another kid dancer.

*Gimme the green, green stuff