Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another busy week

Grooving to; Miss Baltimore Crabs by Cast of Hairspray

I am like super duper tired.
Having fun chatting with Megan and Darren.
She's like a crazed fangirl :D
Learning to pronounce names. HAHAH

Sooo, pictures!

Failed attempt to look skinny.

More roses <3

The whole bouquet.

And and, I finally drew something, well two things, decently!
For Arts.

The leg a bit cacat and the ears senget.
But its good for me seeing as I suck at drawing.

And this one neck too long : /

Gahh, cheer practice tomorrow.
Friday hafta go to school, which reminds me on asking Amanda what time.
Saturday also have to go to school.
Gee, Form 3 is getting hectic.

Bernie, Priy, Farah and Hanan (sp?) dancing to Low.
I only know two of them. Ngee.
Its hilarious.

*I think they secretly liked you