Friday, January 4, 2008

Six new shirts :D

Grooving to; Dance, dance by Fall Out Boy

Second day of school.
Its was more interesting than yesterday but still kinda boring.
And still no homework :D

Soo, I woke up at 545 again this morning.
Was harder to wake up today.
Don't know why.

Oh, there's a new boy in my class.
His name is Brandon.
And he's from La Salle PJ.

Anyway, I received the last of my Christmas and New Year's (Yes, my family on my mum's side exchange gifts on New Year not Christmas) today, I think.
Everyone seems to be giving me clothes this year.
I've gotten like 6 new shirts.
Why doesn't anyone give me a skirt?
I need a skirt.
My dad is really happy I've got new shirts so he doesn't have to buy too many new ones for me.

Just so I have something to blog about, I took pictures of the shirts.
Lifeless, I know.

Oreef shirt from Niumal & Minona.

The shirt Mum bought for me in Melaka.
I don't think it counts as a present for Christmas OR New Year : /

Muller shirt from Aunty Susie & Uncle Mervyn.

I have no idea what brand this is (HAHA) from Kar Lei.

And again no idea what brand it is from Aunty Mona, Uncle Raymond & Tissa.

Chic Avenue shirt from Cherie, Glen & Haelee.

And now they're all hanging happily in my cupboard.
Not exactly, I took them down and folded them cos the part of the cupboard where you hang clothes is too short.
I need a new cupboard.

Picture of the day.

I forgot, Aunty Yufen & Uncle Ranjit also gave me a shirt from Esprit for Christmas.
Its the red spaghetti strapped shirt I wore for New Year. (Refer back to old post)
So that makes it seven.
Two pictures coming up in the next post, maybe three.
Depending on what time Alia gets back.

*Oh, misery loves me