Monday, January 21, 2008

The powerpuff girls?

Grooving to; Underneath your clothes by Shakira

Ngee (: Took this yesterday.

So yeah, I was too lazy to be bothered to blog yesterday.
Nothing much to blog about today.

Assembly was normal except that some prefect was being a pain in the ass *cough*
Classes were fine but Pn.Lee gave us so much Geo work.
Cik Shariza is becoming a nice lady too :D

Had cheer practice after school.
And I am so damn tired.
Like..2 hours of non-stop dancing and shouting.
Anyway, I'm like two inches to doing a front split with my right leg.
I never knew I could go down that far until Pey Ying (Uhm.. I dunno how to spell her name but she's the captain) asked who could go down more than half.

I went on Facebook.
And I saw a request from Natasha about becoming a cartoon character thinggy.
I was browsing through the cartoons when I saw this.


*Underneath your clothes there's an endless story