Friday, January 11, 2008

Screaming bloody murder

Grooving to; Hate (I really don't like you) by Plain White T's

Dum dum dum.
Hullo people. :D
I am in a good mood today and even I have no idea why.
Maybe its cos of the fact the first thing people did when I came online was scream at me. (Alia, MEGAN! Lol.)

Soo, today.
Shall blog about today.
Umm.. okayh.

I woke up late this morning.
Like, 10 minutes late.
So I was rushing like giler to change and tie my hair and my mum had to make my milo for me.
I was ready about 5 minutes earlier before the bus came.

First period: Science
Cik Shariza seemed.. nicer.
She's a good teacher eventhough (as Michx says) she talks like some commando.
And according to Kate's blog, she kept looking at Kate, Rachel & me.
Not sure what that means but let's hope she likes us :D

Third period: PE
Went to 3A6 for awhile.
Pn. Hyacinth brought us down to take our weight.
I put on 2 friggin kg larh. (Alia, told you that you weren't fat!)

Fourth period: English
I am starting to hate English cos of the woman that teaches me.
She doesn't know how to spell 'drama' and she calls herself an English teacher?!
Heck, she can't even remember the short stories we learned in F1.
Anyway, happy to say I finished reading "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"

Fifth period: KH (Elektif)
I was so caught up reading the novel I didn't notice that teacher came in.
Everyone had to scream at me two times for me to realise and I got a shock.
Why is everyone screaming at me today?
Teacher gave us some notes about cookies.
A lot of notes.
Kelapa parut jadi kepala parut.

Seventh period: Maths
I'm starting to like Pn. Fazilah.
Good teacher and nice lady.
Learned some higgly jiggly about calculating angles today.

Came home and had lunch.
Continued reading the novel and fell asleep.
About one hour later, my aunt came and woke me up asking me to help make the baby stop crying.
He was cutting his hair.
When I stepped out of the room, the baby was screaming bloody murder okeh.
As though someone's put fire on him, not cutting his hair.
And he ended up vomiting cos of it.

I camwhored today. :D

During dinner.

And while my parents decided to explore the new highway to Putrajaya.

*All I wanted was your love, love, love, love