Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I've got a thong too!

Grooving to; Hurt by Christina Aguilera

School is reopening in less than 12 hours.
I can't wait and yet I don't wanna go back.
And Kate made me go by bus so I have to wake up at 0545 in the morning.
God save me, please.

Today went over to Titi's house.
Did loads of crap there.

On the way back.

Oh, and Ti helped me dye my hair back to black.

Its darker than my natural hair colour so I'm not used to it yet.
But luckily there are some strips of brown in it that aren't really obvious.

On the way back, dropped by Kate and Rachel's places to give them their Christmas presents.

Rachel gave me this adorable wallet.

And Kate gave me this pencil box.
I was like "Thank God she didn't get me a thong!"
Then I checked inside and pulled the styrofoam(sp?) out to look in and something dropped onto the chair.

Michelle, you're not the only one (;

*I would hold you in my arms, I would take the pain away