Friday, January 25, 2008

Ayam back!

Grooving to; Your guardian angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Sorry people for the lack of updates!
I've been so busy and too tired to even be bothered to come online.
So, now I'm finally online after 3 days.
Just cos its Friday and its supposed to be "catching up day with Megan & Alia"
But Megan's abandoned me somewhere and Alia isn't even online.
Best part is, Michx has also gone somewhere.
Okay, I'm ranting. Back to the story.

Reasons why I have been busy/tired:
1)Cheer practice on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. (It is as tiring as hell okeh)
2)Wednesday I wasn't free cos I wasn't really at home.
3)Tons of homework.
4)Lack of sleep. I've been sleeping early the past few days.

So yeah. Shall blog a lil today.

I've been taking a lot of pictures of the clouds.

On Wednesday, my parents decided to go to my dad's friend's place.
I went along since I had nothing better to do.

He stays at this place, Desa Parkcity.
Somewhere in Damansara which is so damn bloody high class.
And the house is amazing.


The fish's bodyguard xD

The fish damn chun wan.
Put your hand in the water, will come to you.

The garden.

Some plant.

My mum's office bulding.

Of course, there are some camwhore moments.




I'm done, happy?

*Even if saving you sends me to heaven